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Boston, MA – March 29, 2016Deep Information Sciences, the company that reinvented relational databases for the on-demand economy, today announced it is a diamond plus sponsor of Percona Live 2016, taking place April 18 – 21, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. In keynote and breakout sessions, and at booth #305, Deep and customer GEMServers will explore the impacts of application-aware, MySQL-compatible databases that deliver high-velocity data streaming with real-time analytics at cloud scale.

“Even modern databases can’t walk and chew gum at the same, and MySQL is no exception. They either read well or write well, but they can never do both. As a result, DBAs are forced to spend 78% of their time on performance tuning to meet point-in-time requirements that are always changing, slowing business reaction,” said Chad Jones, Chief Strategy Officer, Deep Information Sciences. “We’re excited to show Percona Live attendees how an application-aware, MySQL-compatible database that leverages in-memory technology and machine learning, delivers what many perceive as the holy grail—high-velocity data streaming and real-time analytics at cloud scale, with zero manual tuning.”

Highlights of Deep’s Percona Live participation include:

  • “Transcending database tuning problems: How machine learning helps DBAs play more ping pong”

Keynote presentation, April 19 at 9:20am 

With over 1013 possible MySQL tuning permutations, some requiring reboots or a rebuild, DBAs spend too much time on MySQL tuning for a point-in-time situation that changes constantly. In this session, Jones will explore how unsupervised machine learning based on resource, workload and information modeling can predictively and continuously tune databases. DBAs transcend the tuning game, saving precious time to work on important things, like improving mad ping pong skills!

  • “How machine learning + MySQL create an application-aware database that unlocks performance”

Product demo, April 19 at 10:55am 

Deep’s Mike Skubisz, VP of Products & Services, will demonstrate how the next generation of MySQL-compatible databases use application-awareness to deliver high-velocity data streaming and real-time analytics. He’ll show how adaptive in-memory technology uses machine learning to self-optimize, providing vastly accelerated performance, eliminating manual tuning and easing the transition to the cloud.

  • “How application-aware MySQL drives performance-at-scale without driving you insane: Lessons from a hoster”

Customer case study, Date and time to be announced 

John Teague, founder and CEO of GEMServers, a white-glove WordPress hoster, will describe his quest to find a solution to the age-old and previously unsolvable problem of databases that get increasingly sluggish at scale, and why and how he chose application-aware, adaptive MySQL as the foundation of his business. Attendees will get tips on how their business can easily obtain the seemingly unreal results GEMServers gained: 39x faster queries, 200% faster page loads and an 80% reduction in database size.

  • “Data in the Cloud: Cloudy with a chance of running out of disk space? Or sunny times ahead?”

Keynote panel, April 20 at 9:25am

Deep founder and CTO Thomas Hazel joins other executives in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities related to improving the performance and manageability of cloud-based data.

Percona Live attendees who visit Deep at booth #305 can qualify to win an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset as part of the Percona Passport Program.

Percona Live 2016 is the premier event for the rich and diverse open source community and businesses that thrive in the MySQL marketplace. Attendees include DBAs, sysadmins, developers, architects, CTOs, and CEOs representing organizations from industry giants to start-ups.

About Deep Information Sciences

Deep created the world’s only application-aware relational database that moves in lock-step with your business. deepSQL enables high velocity data streaming alongside real-time analytics in the same database. Using machine learning, deepSQL continually adapts to changing application needs at cloud scale, all using the well-known MySQL API. Businesses are empowered to predictably meet current and future customer demands while lowering costs. Deep is headquartered in Boston. Learn more at, or follow the company on Twitter @DeepInfoSci, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook.  Download for free today at

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