Deep Launches Deep Engine, Leverages Machine Learning to Usher MySQL into the Big Data Age

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Boston, MA – April 7, 2015 Deep Information Sciences, the company that reinvented database science for the Big Data age, today launched Deep Engine, a completely re-imagined approach to scaling database instances, infrastructure and personnel. Downloadable today for MySQL and Percona Server, Deep Engine is an adaptive database kernel and information orchestration system that combines machine learning with breakthrough computer science to transform database fundamentals. Implemented as a plug-and-play 10MB storage engine that can be deployed in parallel with, or instead of, existing engines, Deep Engine allows MySQL to easily adapt, accelerate and scale to unprecedented levels, with minimal cost.

“The ability to unlock Big Data’s promise lies in a company’s data infrastructure. However, all ‘modern’ databases are built on a foundation of legacy computer science. This outdated science causes MySQL to hit a brick wall and can put a business into controlled chaos,” said Les Yetton, CEO, Deep Information Sciences. “By reimagining the fundamental science of databases, we’ve removed the inherent limitations with MySQL, allowing businesses to not only gain back control of their data infrastructure, but to also wield it as a competitive weapon.”

“To make MySQL work for their organizations, businesses often have to choose between sacrificing functionality for scalability, or over-investing in hardware to get performance,” said John L. Myers, managing research director, business intelligence, Enterprise Management Associates. “By attacking MySQL challenges at the core algorithm level, Deep’s novel approach seems to enable all the benefits with none of those compromises. Companies looking to achieve low-latency processing performance similar to in-memory and scale with their existing database platform, and on a smaller footprint, would do well to consider Deep Engine.”

“As a startup business, we need to be able to innovate quickly. However, with our MySQL database, which has tens of millions of rows in several tables, it took days to run data loads and queries,” said Matthew Robinson, co-founder and VP of engineering, MyMedicalShopper. “Deep completely changed the game for us. Data loads that took two days now take an hour, and queries that couldn’t even be completed run in just a few hours. Without the responsiveness and power of Deep Engine, we wouldn’t be able to operate with the speed and intelligence that our business requires.”

Deep Engine is built on a new approach to database design called CASSI (Continuous Adaptive Sequential Summarization of Information), Deep’s breakthrough and patented database computer science. Unlike legacy approaches, CASSI allows databases to observe and analyze the host hardware and workloads and then use machine learning algorithms to predict behavior and dynamically adapt to ever-changing scenarios, without going offline. It orchestrates and optimizes data according to optimal fit, placement and timing. As each individual database instance becomes performant and scalable, the benefits are extended to the architecture as a whole.

Deep Engine + MySQL = DeepSQL

When Deep Engine is combined with MySQL, you get DeepSQL. DeepSQL instances are able to scale to tens of billions of rows with heavy indexing and without sacrificing features or requiring any application changes. Analytics and transactions coexist on the same instance, accelerating applications and creating unparalleled user experiences. The entire infrastructure becomes a cost-effective, agile, scalable and high-performing database application architecture, capable of supporting the explosive data growth needed to meet the demands of the new economy.

DeepSQL delivers profound business benefits over legacy solutions (MyISAM, InnoDB):

  • Eliminates the risk and disruption of moving to a new database solution by seamlessly plugging into a company’s existing MySQL infrastructure. There’s no rip and replace or re-platforming. Existing applications just work faster.
  • Drastically reduces time to business insight by improving query performance 1.5-2x, while allowing transactions and analytics to run on the same instance without ETLs.
  • 14x performance increase in e-commerce transaction processing ensures businesses are able to meet elastic demand.
  • 60x greater data ingest with heavy indexing ensures companies pace with the speed of business.
  • 80 percent fewer IOPS, 80 percent reduction in disk data size and full CPU utilization cut physical or cloud infrastructure requirements and costs in half and allow the consolidation of existing server farms.
  • 5x faster app page loads stem revenue losses through exceptional user experiences.
  • No offline maintenance or calibration ensures DBAs are focused on strategic initiatives instead of time-consuming tactical tasks while increasing their ability to manage far more database instances.
  • Accelerates time-to-innovation as developer requests for columns and indexes can be met quickly and without performance compromises.
  • Enables new-economy developers to scale from “zero to Facebook” on one infrastructure, making it easier and faster to create the next big app.

Deep Engine initially supports MySQL 5.5 and Percona Server 5.5, with support for version 5.6 of both products available in June 2015.

Check out the eWeek review of Deep Engine available later today at

Deep to Showcase Trillion Row Database

Deep will unveil DeepSQL at Percona Live, April 13-16 in Santa Clara, CA at booth #301. Conference attendees can learn more by attending the session, “Driving MySQL to Big Data Scale: How to Practically Address 1 Trillion Rows” on April 15 at 1:00 p.m. PT, and the keynote panel, “The Next Disruptive Technology: What Comes after the Cloud and Big Data?” on April 14 at 9:50 a.m. PT to hear Deep Founder, Chief Scientist and Architect Thomas Hazel present.

Click here to download Deep Engine and see how easy it is to transform existing databases into Big Data systems.

About Deep Information Sciences

Deep Information Sciences offers the first plug-and-play solution that leverages machine learning to evolve MySQL databases and infrastructure for the new economy’s Big Data needs. Deep’s solution allows databases to adapt to any situation, and accelerate performance and scale while streamlining infrastructure. With Deep, companies are free to focus on their innovation instead of their infrastructure, bringing compelling solutions to market at significant cost savings. Through the power of Deep’s new computer science, CASSI, companies of any size can easily unlock the full potential of their database infrastructure, wielding it to their competitive advantage. Deep is headquartered in Boston’s Innovation District. Learn more at, or follow the company on Twitter @DeepInfoSci, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook.

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