deepSQL Database Outperforms Amazon Aurora by 2x – 10x in InfoWorld Review, Superior in Half-Dozen Ways

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Boston, MA – May 24, 2016Deep Information Sciences, the company that created the world’s only machine learning, cloud-scale database, today announced deepSQL has earned InfoWorld’s “Editor’s Choice” for outperforming Amazon Aurora by 2x – 10x on a multitude of ingest, query and restart benchmarks. deepSQL achieved these results while running on generic EC2 hardware, while Aurora was tested on highly optimized EC2 infrastructure. Also noted in the InfoWorld comparison review was deepSQL’s superior flexibility, evident in its unique self-tuning capabilities and ability to run on multiple clouds and on-premise, as well as its competitive pricing, all of which make deepSQL ideal for businesses wanting to deliver a compelling relational Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS).

“It’s gratifying to see such a prestigious, independent reviewer like InfoWorld, which had been so bullish on Aurora in the past, validate the many ways deepSQL changes the database game,” said Thomas Hazel, founder, CTO and Chief Architect for Deep Information Sciences. “We designed CASSI, the patented technology underlying deepSQL, to enable the orders-of-magnitude better performance that next-generation database applications require. As InfoWorld proved, deepSQL delivers on this promise, has the ability to transform a variety of data-intensive use cases, and is a strong foundational component for anyone looking to deliver a competitive MySQL DBaaS.”

In the InfoWorld review, Contributing Editor Martin Heller explained why deepSQL unseated Aurora as the breakthrough relational database. “When I reviewed Amazon Aurora last October, I noted that its level of performance was far beyond any I had seen from other open source SQL databases, and it did so at a far lower cost than you would pay for an Oracle database of similar power… As we’ve long known in tech, pioneers usually get an arrow in their backs. The arrow in Aurora’s back I’ve now evaluated is deepSQL. deepSQL is the overall winner by at least a factor of two, and deepSQL’s speed advantage increases as the database becomes larger. Given that deepSQL is priced similarly to or less than Aurora for online use and runs on-premise as well as in other clouds, I have to give the nod to deepSQL based on these benchmarks.”

deepSQL, the only application-aware relational database, concurrently runs low-latency, high-velocity data streaming, transactions and analytics. deepSQL is built on CASSI (Continuous Adaptive Sequential Summarization of Information), which enables unprecedented scale up and scale out. Unlike legacy approaches that are based on variations of tree algorithms, CASSI allows databases to observe and analyze the host hardware and workloads and then use machine learning algorithms to predict behavior and dynamically adapt to ever-changing scenarios, without going offline. It orchestrates and optimizes data according to optimal fit, placement and timing. The result is a self-tuning and virtually lockless database that linearly scales based on CPU and memory. Concurrent workloads accelerate to in-memory performance levels with full ACID compliance, while its MySQL API makes deepSQL extremely easy to use.

Heller highlighted the following deepSQL advantages:

  • Simultaneously runs a high transactional load and a high analytic query load — known as Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) — without performance degradation.
  • No need to move data to an OLAP database or data warehouse to perform analytics for high-volume e-commerce sites.
  • Ingests data at high speed and handles complicated queries against it using many indexes, the scenario often seen in IoT and bioinformatics.
  • Because of self-tuning, you don’t need DBAs to optimize database operations.

Heller continued, “While there are another half-dozen ways that deepSQL can claim superiority, I want to mention only one more: fast restarts. We waited more than four minutes for Aurora to restart each time and only a few seconds for DeepSQL.” He also noted that, for InfoWorld’s postingestion iiBench query, Aurora took almost 34 minutes to return an answer, whereas deepSQL took a little more than three minutes, an improvement of more than 10-fold.

About Deep Information Sciences

Deep created the world’s only application-aware relational database that moves in lock-step with your business. deepSQL enables high velocity data streaming alongside real-time analytics in the same database. Using machine learning, deepSQL continually adapts to changing application needs at cloud scale, all using the well-known MySQL API. Businesses are empowered to predictably meet current and future customer demands while lowering costs. Deep is headquartered in Boston. Learn more at, or follow the company on Twitter @DeepInfoSci, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook.  Download for free today at

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