Intigua Launches Industry’s First Solution that Virtualizes the Management Layer, Enabling Companies to Move to a Cloud Infrastructure

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Eliminates complexity and slashes costs of managing cloud, virtual and physical environments

Newton, MA, August 13, 2012Intigua today announced the industry’s first solution that brings the power of virtualization to the management layer. The new Intigua Platform dramatically reduces the cost and effort of using enterprise management solutions in virtual, cloud and physical infrastructures, providing the agility, scalability and automation that enterprises need for managing mission-critical applications in today’s dynamic environments.

Intigua virtualizes existing enterprise management tools, such as infrastructure and application monitoring, configuration management, provisioning, security and compliance, and data backup, and provides a fully automated way to use them from a single, centralized console—without the operational overhead and performance impact of installed agents, and without requiring any changes to the management tools.  Intigua will be showcasing its solution at VMworld 2012, Booth 428, August 26-29, San Francisco, CA.

“Managing agents was very time-consuming and disruptive, and the agents were consuming too much CPU, causing key applications to crash. This was unacceptable for a private cloud financial software company like ours. We tried agentless products, but got too many false positives,” said Jerry Nelson, Sr. Manager, Intel Systems, Open Solutions. “With Intigua, we can finally run management tools without worrying about cumbersome agent maintenance or performance issues. Deploying or upgrading an agent is as easy as dragging and dropping a file, and the process takes minutes instead of weeks or months. With its single-pane-of-glass dashboard, we can now see all agent activity inside all our 2,500 VMs from a single location, and easily troubleshoot problems. To protect our applications and prevent outages, Intigua will even automatically throttle down agents when CPU exceeds our pre-defined limits. Intigua is our magic bullet.”

Eliminating Costly, Time-Consuming Systems Management Challenges

In its current form, systems management is fragmented, decentralized and tightly coupled to the operating system.  This makes it inherently unsuitable for an agile and scalable infrastructure. Moreover, management agents frequently cause performance and reliability issues such as overuse of CPU resources, resulting in poor performance of production applications, software conflicts that lead to failed installations, and repeated rebooting of end points.

Managing tens of thousands of agents throughout their lifecycle – from installation through upgrades and ongoing troubleshooting – is, therefore, a massive and costly operational drain. As companies implement cloud infrastructures, where VMs get spun up and down at furious speeds, it will be virtually impossible to manage business-critical applications using traditional agent-based solutions.

“Intigua addresses a tremendous—and previously unsolved—IT pain,” said Torsten Volk, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “Enterprises need systems management agents to keep their infrastructure running, but often can’t keep up with agent maintenance because of the huge complexities, time and costs involved. Agentless solutions frequently won’t work because they don’t provide adequate functionality. Intigua’s solution delivers all the benefits of agents without the side effects. By simplifying and automating systems management, it can also help businesses create a solid foundation for their move to a cloud infrastructure. It’s very compelling.”

Key benefits of Intigua include:

  • Cuts operational overhead by automating change management – deployment, upgrades, provisioning and troubleshooting, including detecting and proactively fixing agent problems
  • Makes management virtualization-aware and cloud-ready
  • Automates provisioning of mission-critical servers across various management solutions
  • Ensures application performance and uptime with policy-driven management for scheduling and throttling down processes
  • Improves governance and compliance across physical, virtual and cloud environments


How Intigua Works

Intigua utilizes the same core principles that have been so successful in server and application virtualization. It creates virtual versions of existing management agents, called vAgents, that are decoupled from the machines they manage yet provide the same functionality as installed agents.

Intigua’s central console and automation capabilities streamline the entire agent management lifecycle. From this console, Intigua automatically pushes new or upgraded vAgents to all appropriate target machines – virtual, physical or in the cloud – delivering the full functionality of systems management to thousands of machines in just minutes, as compared to the weeks or months it would take with traditional approaches.

“IT uses various management solutions to manage its environment. However, they are fragmented and manual.  Their agents are a big headache for IT – they are costly to manage, require significant overhead and cause performance, security and compliance problems. Moreover, they are far too rigid for managing applications in the cloud. The alternative, agentless systems management, often forces an unacceptable tradeoff with performance and functionality, which makes them unfeasible for today’s complex environments,” said Shimon Hason, CEO of Intigua. “You have server, application, network and storage virtualization. Now it’s time to virtualize the management layer. Intigua fills this gap. By virtualizing the management layer, Intigua delivers a simple, centralized, automated and frictionless way to manage physical, virtual and cloud environments so that businesses can effectively deploy and maintain mission-critical applications – and take advantage of the automation, scalability, agility and cost-savings promises of cloud computing.”

Pricing and Availability

Intigua is available immediately. Intigua is delivered through a usage-based subscription model, with pricing starting at $75 per server per year. 

About Intigua

Intigua extends virtualization to the management layer. It enables businesses to dramatically reduce the cost of IT operations and ease transitions to the cloud by delivering a fully automated, logical and simple way for managing today’s complex IT environments. Headquartered in Newton, MA, Intigua is privately held and funded by Cedar Fund and veteran investors from the systems management industry.

For more information or to request a demo or free trial, please visit Intigua at

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