Intigua Wins “Best of VMworld 2012” Gold Award for New Technology

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Intigua Management Virtualization Platform Recognized for Unparalleled Innovation and Value

Newton, MA, September 4, 2012 – Intigua, the management virtualization company, today announced it has won the “Best of VMworld 2012” Gold Award for New Technology. 

The Intigua solution was selected by an independent team of expert judges—one of whom exclaimed, “I’ve never seen anything like this”based on its innovation and ability to fill a key market gap, as well as functionality, performance, reliability, ease of use and integration into existing heterogeneous environments.

Intigua has developed the industry’s first technology to virtualize the infrastructure management layer.  By virtualizing existing tools from major enterprise management vendors without requiring any changes to them, Intigua brings the scalability, agility and cost-reduction benefits of virtualization to infrastructure management for the first time.

This unique approach eases migration of critical applications to the cloud because infrastructure management tools – such as security and configuration management, performance monitoring, anti-virus, and data backup and recovery – are required to address essential enterprise requirements such as SLAs and compliance in cloud environments.

The Best of VMworld judges said Intigua provides a way to “virtualize and containerize management agents, improving management and security. Intigua can modify one agent and deploy it to all the virtual machines it lives on, instead of modifying each agent individually, which can be a nightmare.”

Attendees at VMworld also met with Jerry Nelson, Sr. IT Manager at Open Solutions, one of Intigua’s customers and a leading provider of SAS-based banking solutions to financial services institutions.  Open Solutions is currently using Intigua to slash the cost and complexity of operating its enterprise management tools across the company’s cloud infrastructure.  According to Jerry, “With Intigua, deploying or upgrading an agent is as easy as dragging and dropping a file, and the process now takes minutes instead of weeks or months. With its single-pane-of-glass dashboard, we can now see all agent activity inside all our 2,500 VMs from a single location, and easily troubleshoot problems.”

 “We’re honored to be chosen as the best new technology among all the VMworld entries, as it validates the need for a solution that virtualizes the management layer. Now that businesses can finally cut the complexity and costs out of systems management with Intigua, they can move their business-critical applications to the cloud and realize the promised agility and savings of cloud computing,” said Shimon Hason, CEO of Intigua.

About the Intigua Platform
Intigua is designed to address the well-known shortcomings of traditional agent-based management solutions in virtualized infrastructures.

Until now, enterprises have been obliged to physically install a separate instance of each type of management agent on every individual VM. The problem in the virtual world is that, as the number of VMs scale into the thousands or tens of thousands, so do the number and type of agents that need to be managed, dramatically increasing complexity and inhibiting scalability.

In addition, because management agents are tightly-coupled to the underlying operating system, they frequently cause significant issues such as overuse of CPU resources, leading to poor performance of production applications, software conflicts leading to failed installations, delays in provisioning new VMs due to configuration challenges, and VMs that require manual rebooting (which can be problematic since most production data centers have narrow and infrequent change windows).

Intigua addresses these shortcomings by “sandboxing” or encapsulating agents in virtual containers, exactly the way the rest of the infrastructure is virtualized.  This allows administrators to easily enforce centralized policies for CPU throttling, memory and I/O usage, and scheduling.  Because these virtualized agents – called vAgents — are also hypervisor-aware, Intigua can discover rogue VMs that do not have the proper agents installed and ensure they are properly managed for security, performance and compliance.

In addition, the Intigua platform significantly simplifies IT operations by providing a single point of policy-based control across three critical dimensions:
The full lifecycle of management agents, from initial deployment to configuration, patching, troubleshooting and removal.
Multi-vendor heterogeneous environments, since enterprises typically rely on agent-based management solutions from multiple vendors to handle specialized functions (performance monitoring versus anti-virus, for example).  With Intigua, they can now control all of their agents from a single unified console.
Hybrid environments:  The Intigua solution also provides a single point of policy-based control for agents across multiple types of environments – including virtual, cloud and physical infrastructures – which further reduces operational complexity and cost.

About Intigua
Intigua extends virtualization to the management layer. It enables businesses to dramatically reduce the cost of IT operations and ease the transition to the cloud by delivering a fully automated, logical and simple way for managing today’s complex IT environments. Headquartered in Newton, MA, Intigua is privately held and funded by Cedar Fund and veteran investors from the enterprise management industry.

For more information or to request a demo or free trial, please visit Intigua

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