Nrby Announces Workforce Collaboration Solutions for Proactive, Profitable Field Service

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Nashua, NH – August 1, 2017 –  Nrby, pioneer of location-based workforce collaboration, today announced the availability of three new solutions designed to transform field service into a much more proactive, profitable operation. Nrby’s Mobile Discovery and Reporting, Self-Selected Work, and In-Home Sales Referrals solutions make it easy for field technicians to anticipate and eliminate service interruptions, complete more first-call work orders per day, and increase revenue from existing customers.

“The Waze navigation app has proven how crowdsourcing important information in real-time helps other drivers proactively navigate traffic. Similarly, Nrby makes it easy for field service teams to crowdsource information and events discovered in the field so their organizations can become more proactive and productive,” said Kurt Dobbins, President, Nrby. “With crowdsourcing, the human element is equally, if not more, critical than Internet of Things sensors and machine automation. Our new workforce collaboration solutions empower and motivate technicians, and make it extremely simple for them to help each other obtain better business outcomes. Technicians are much happier and better at their jobs, customers get the reliable service they deserve, and businesses profit from highly engaged, extremely efficient and revenue-generating field service organizations.”

Nrby’s location-based workforce collaboration transforms reactive field service operations into proactive ones the first day it’s put on mobile workforces’ smartphones. By using Nrby’s unique one-touch SmartPins to map an event and convey context-rich details, technicians can easily identify, instantly share and quickly resolve issues, while operation centers are continually updated and supervisors receive real-time status changes. Using SmartPins, geofencing and role-based rules, Nrby standardizes and automates business-related topics, as well as how, where and which field service peers collaborate. It is non-disruptive to workers, and complements and seamlessly integrates with existing field service management systems. Nrby can effectively extend a location-based map view on smartphones for existing legacy systems and databases, plus adds bi-directional information flow.

Nrby delivers proactive field service through:

Mobile Discovery and Reporting

Authorized field service technicians can immediately identify issues with infrastructure and equipment—like wire down, temporary drop, safety hazard and damage assessment—and instantly share information with the right colleagues to drive resolutions, whether repair, replacement or general maintenance. Technicians “drop” the identifying SmartPin on a map, which captures the issue’s exact location and severity, and sets up a geofence with an automatic alert area around the location. Businesses benefit by proactively keeping equipment working, accelerating resolution and improving uptime and customer satisfaction.

Self-Selected Work

Nrby takes the randomness and inefficiencies out of job assignments by enabling field workers to proactively self-select certain jobs that are nearby or that make sense based on their regular workload. The Nrby mobile app is populated with SmartPins that indicate the exact location and type of job, as well as color-coded status noting unassigned or in-progress tasks. Field workers select the SmartPin job they want to work on next. Once they select a nearby job, the SmartPin’s color and status changes to indicate the job is taken. Technicians close jobs faster and handle more jobs per day since they’re not driving to far-flung locations, and the organization saves money in gasoline, vehicle maintenance and labor.

In-Home Sales Referrals

Field service technicians, who are often a company’s most visible and trusted representatives, easily record and refer qualified leads to inside sales personnel, in real-time. Using Nrby on their smartphones, they simply tap the SmartPin that represents the product of interest, and attach comments if desired. The SmartPin automatically captures the originating technician and customer location, and immediately routes the details to inside sales for timely follow up. Bonusing field technicians on referrals motivates them to work hard and keep generating qualified, timely leads. Businesses better equip inside sales, gain new revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

About Nrby

Nrby is revolutionizing how mobile peers work with the first location-based workforce collaboration platform. By empowering workers to instantly discover, securely share and rapidly act on information about nearby events, businesses save significant time and money. Nrby’s unique one-touch, intuitive SmartPins make it easy to map and convey context-rich details about any business-related situation associated with a location or its surrounding area. Combined with machine-generated data and intelligent alerts that use geofencing and role-based rules, Nrby makes sure all, and only, the right people, in the right area, are automatically informed. With Nrby’s cloud-based, smartphone-delivered solution, it’s never been easier for mobile teams to work smart and get jobs done fast. Nrby, a business unit of Ping4, is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire. Follow @nrbynow and LinkedIn, and visit


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