Nrby Helps Cable Operators Boost Field Service Efficiencies, Technician Safety and Revenue with Breakthrough Location-Based Workforce Collaboration

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Nashua, NH – October 12, 2017 –  Nrby, pioneer of location-based workforce collaboration, announced its new Field Evaluation Program for Cable Operators. By using Nrby, MSOs can empower workers to instantly discover, securely inform and rapidly resolve issues and opportunities in the field. The 30-day free program includes use cases for Safety, Solo Worker, Preventative Maintenance, Plant Maintenance and Sales Referrals. Nrby is an intuitive, hosted solution that runs on workers’ smartphones, requires no infrastructure and easily works with MSO operational and workforce management systems. Cable operators can immediately get up and running and, within just a few hours, begin boosting field service efficiencies, technician safety and revenue opportunities.

“Field service workers are essential to MSO success. The more information they have about service events and safety issues, the better, faster and safer they can perform. But often, technicians are working in reactive mode with cursory and inconsistent communications that are hard to decipher and mitigate,” said Kurt Dobbins, President, Nrby. “By using crowdsourcing, geofencing and our one-touch, intuitive Nrby SmartPins, we make sure the right information is clearly, consistently and proactively relayed to appropriate personnel in real-time so they can quickly see and act upon it.”

Nrby transforms MSO field service operations the first day it’s put on mobile workforces’ iOS or Android smartphones. Using Nrby’s unique SmartPins to map an issue and convey context-rich details, technicians can easily identify, instantly share and take action on issues, while operation centers are continually updated and supervisors receive real-time status changes. Using SmartPin features, like  geofencing, alerting, content and data capture, along with its standards-based data feed, Nrby standardizes and automates key business communications and workflows. It is non-disruptive to workers and complements existing field service management systems.

Nrby’s Field Evaluation Program for Cable Operators includes these use cases:

  • Safety – Empower field technicians to help keep each other safe and informed by enabling workers to instantly map safety issues they encounter. They simply select SmartPins that note the type and severity of the issue. This, in turn, alerts nearby technicians to stay clear of the problem and accelerates fixes by fostering SmartPin-specific team collaboration.
  • Solo Worker – Assure field technicians they are not alone when working in potentially hazardous situations. The technicians “drop” a SmartPin that denotes what they are doing, such as working in an attic or up on a pole, and where they are located. This sets up a timer so appropriate personnel can check on the worker at regular intervals, and vice versa.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Leverage your real-time, machine-generated data to populate SmartPins in advance of daily work assignments and empower field technicians to self-select jobs during free time. This ensures issues are efficiently addressed before customer service is impacted.
  •  Plant Maintenance – Empower field technicians to easily and proactively report problems they see with infrastructure and equipment using SmartPins such as broken lashing wire, temporary drop and storm damage. This accelerates the repair cycle and improves uptime and customer satisfaction.
  • Sales Referrals – Drive incremental revenue opportunities by making it easy for in-home field service technicians to record and refer qualified leads to inside sales personnel. When they tap the SmartPin that represents the product of interest, Nrby automatically captures the originating technician and customer location and routes the details to inside sales for timely follow up.

Nrby will be showcasing its solution and MSO Field Evaluation Program use cases at SCTE Cable Tech Expo, booth #i18, October 17 -20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.

To sign up for Nrby’s 30-day free Field Evaluation Program for Cable Operators, click here.

Cable and other industry professionals not attending SCTE can contact [email protected] to find out how to start using Nrby and tailor SmartPins for their own corporate needs.

About Nrby

Nrby is revolutionizing how mobile peers work with the first location-based workforce collaboration platform. By empowering workers to instantly discover, securely share and rapidly act on information about nearby events, businesses save significant time and money. Nrby’s unique one-touch, intuitive SmartPins make it easy to map and convey context-rich details about any business-related situation associated with a location or its surrounding area. Combined with machine-generated data and intelligent alerts that use geofencing and alerting, Nrby makes sure all, and only, the right people, in the right area, are automatically informed. With Nrby’s cloud-based, smartphone-delivered solution, it’s never been easier for mobile teams to work smart and get jobs done fast. Nrby, a business unit of Ping4, is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire. Follow @nrbynow and LinkedIn, and visit


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