Nrby Launches First Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform that Uses Mobile Peer Power to Save Businesses Time and Money

March 22nd, 2017   /   Posted by janice   /   Topics: Writing (sales and marketing tools)

Nashua, NH – March 22, 2017 –  Nrby, pioneer of Peer Power at Work, today launched a next-gen enterprise social collaboration platform expressly designed for mobile co-workers. The proximity-aware Nrby Platform saves businesses significant time and money by letting mobile peer groups instantly map, share and process real-time, job-critical information using intelligent, drag-and-drop Nrby SmartPins on their smartphone app or cloud dashboard.

“Peer Power is the driving force behind successful business. If you fully and properly harness team members’ situational knowledge, you can gain orders-of-magnitude better efficiencies, savings and outcomes. However, with many mobile work groups, the knowledge chain has been too slow, too fragmented and too inconsistent—until now,” said Kurt Dobbins, President, Nrby.

Nrby disrupts the legacy model for mobile workforce communication, without disrupting business. According to Dobbins, “We combine the power of crowdsourcing, mobile messaging and social collaboration, in a no-hassle cloud platform, to bring a whole new level of speed and smarts to mobile workforce collaboration. Our platform’s unique SmartPin-based approach makes it simple to standardize processes, quickly address whatever use cases impact your business’ success, and radically improve team and company results.”

How Nrby Works

Nrby enterprise social collaboration platform is built for flexibility, with an architecture that easily adapts to new use cases. There are hundreds of SmartPins available in the Nrby library, with more being added every month. Companies can also create new SmartPin-based solutions in just minutes.

With today’s platform launch, Nrby is making available SmartPin-based solutions for Enterprise Continuity, Damage Assessment, In-home Sales Referral, Wire Down, Safety Hazard and Temporary Drop.

Workers simply select a SmartPin to map a problem, event or situation on a Nrby smartphone app or web-based dashboard, and drop contextual information into the SmartPin. The Nrby SaaS platform uses geofencing and automation to instantly push and privately share that SmartPin, and its intelligence, with mobile workers and operations personnel whose roles and proximity put them in the ‘need-to-know’ camp.

Nrby Components


The heart of the Nrby Platform, SmartPins are both markers and intelligent containers. SmartPins show nearby peers exactly what the issue is, where it’s located and, with a single tap, enable users to add photos, videos, URLs, comments, as well as customized mandatory or optional data collection forms, that fill in the details.

Native Mobile Apps

Android and iOS Nrby apps are downloadable from public stores using a private authentication key, or via enterprise app stores. With the apps’ intuitive interface, mobile workers can start using them right away, no training needed.

Cloud Dashboard

Near real-time synchronization between the mobile app and Nrby dashboard enables operations teams to easily monitor, securely manage and report on SmartPins and their activity, customizing attributes, user roles and filters.

Enterprise-Class SaaS

With Nrby’s cloud-based enterprise social collaboration platform there’s no infrastructure to deploy, own, operate or update. In addition, legacy systems can import/export into and out of Nrby, extending their value into the new mobile paradigm. Nrby’s use of Amazon Web Services assures customers of secure, scalable service and storage. Businesses have their own instance with authentication key and verification codes, and are assured continuous operations.

To learn more about Nrby, click here to schedule a demo, or here to register for the first in Nrby’s complimentary Peer Power at Work webinar series, titled “How Mobile Collaboration Can Maximize Employee Safety,” on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 12pm EDT.

About Nrby

Nrby saves businesses substantial time and money by harnessing the power of mobile work teams. The Nrby Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform is a proximity-aware, cloud-based solution that makes sharing with ‘need-to-know’ peers a snap. Co-workers instantly map, exchange and access real-time, peer-sourced information using solution-specific SmartPins on their smartphone or cloud dashboard. Enterprises and large service providers use the Nrby Platform to empower mobile workforce and operations teams, boost productivity, and achieve targeted, game-changing outcomes. Nrby, a business unit of Ping4, is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire. Follow us @nrbynow and LinkedIn, and visit


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