OnProcess Technology Launches IntelliForce, Industry’s First On-Demand Digital Marketplace for Field Service Management

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Ashland, MA, April 10, 2018OnProcess Technology, a global pioneer in service supply chain management and optimization, today launched IntelliForce, a breakthrough field service management solution that eliminates the industry’s inherently heavy fixed costs while delivering top-quality service. Featuring the only on-demand digital marketplace, which is intelligently powered by OnProcess’ advanced analytics engine with built-in star rating system, IntelliForce provides a fully optimized variable field labor service, which results in unparalleled financial savings and operational improvements.

“With businesses differentiating more and more on customer experience, and being expected to do more with less, the role field service organizations play has never been more crucial. They must deliver flawless service and, to meet increasing corporate profitability goals, also reduce costs. For most companies, this combination has been impossible to achieve,” said Sarah Hatfield, VP Product Management and Client Solutions, OnProcess Technology. “Our new IntelliForce service offers an entirely new, analytics-based approach to field service management that drives quality to new heights—preserving brand reputation and customer satisfaction—while dramatically reducing field labor costs.”

“Seventy-six percent of the service organizations polled by TSC rely on third-parties for the completion of service work and, given labor resource constraints, there is increasing interest in using flexible labor policies to support field service work,” said Sumair Dutta, Chief Customer Officer of The Service Council. “But challenges remain particularly around work quality, training time and cost, and technology integration. Workforce management solutions, such as OnProcess Technology’s IntelliForce, are positioned to support today’s service leaders in addressing this critical need.”

IntelliForce, which is designed for all-sized organizations, is especially impactful for mature enterprises with complex ecosystems. The managed service features a unique variable labor model, which is sourced through OnProcess’ curated network of trusted, best-in-class field service organizations. From there, OnProcess’ proprietary OPTiQ analytics engine selects the right service partner for every job, analyzing everything from job complexity, customer type, security requirements, geography, point-in-time location and the ability to meet the required SLA, to skillset, qualification, the service partners’ response time, mean-time-to-repair, customer satisfaction scores and cost. OnProcess provides end-to-end service management, including proactively mitigating exceptions, to ensure exceptional service experience.

Huge Cost Savings

Transitioning to IntelliForce’s on-demand, variable labor model drives initial cost savings that equate to 10x or greater return on investment (ROI). OnProcess also works to continually lower prices through volume business awarded to its Authorized Service Provider network members and passes those savings directly to clients.

Optimized Results

IntelliForce significantly improves operational KPIs and metrics, such as SLA adherence, repeat trouble calls and mean time to resolution. It ensures clients receive superior field labor support through Uber-like star rating criteria and service provider selection methodology.

High Customer Satisfaction

By ensuring the most effective service partner with the right qualifications, parts and capabilities arrives on time, every time, and managing day of job performance, OnProcess improves first-time resolution metrics and positively impacts the customer experience.

Flexible Service Augments Internal Operations

Scaling up and down, or even expanding into new markets and geographies, is easy and fast since businesses don’t have to recruit and train new field engineers. They can also choose to retain higher-level engineers in their organization to maintain brand integrity and use IntelliForce’s partner network as an efficient, cost-effective complement.

About OnProcess Technology

OnProcess Technology is a managed services provider specializing in complex, global service supply chain operations – the flow of people, parts and services following the sale of a product. The company’s deep expertise, purpose-built technology delivery and embedded, analytics-based process improvement, enable clients to quickly optimize and scale operations, grow revenue and profitability, and deliver superior customer experiences. OnProcess provides services in 23 languages and operates in six global facilities, including its Massachusetts headquarters and facilities in Maine, Costa Rica, India and Bulgaria. @OnProcess www.onprocess.com


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