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We are passionate about what we do, love the clients we work with, and are so inspired by what they’re able to achieve. Here’s what some of them say about us.

Candyce Plante
VP of Marketing
OnProcess Technology

“I’ve hired Janice at five different companies and would recommend her in an instant. Her vast tech and startup experience, and great strategic brain, enable Janice add a lot of value and deliver strong results quickly. You get it all, without the overhead of larger agencies. She has helped successfully position, create amazing content for, and put us on the map at OnProcess, Softricity, Desktone and DynamicOps. She exceeded PR/AR coverage expectations by 2x-5x times and won us many prestigious awards.”

Shimon Hason

“Janice is a smart, aggressive and diligent PR pro.  She did a great job getting us in front of key influencers during the early stages of the company, and was key to us winning two Best of VMworld awards right out of the gate.”

David Greschler
Founder of Softricity &
Former Senior Director at Microsoft

“Janice is a rare find. Her ability to pinpoint and articulate the unique value of a company or product is unsurpassed, and was invaluable to the Microsoft virtualization marketing team. Not only is she one of the best, and fastest, writers I’ve ever worked with, she continually asks smart, probing questions that elevate the discussion and the results. The value of her persistence and knowledge were also evident when she launched and positioned Softricity as a leader in a hot new market (application virtualization), getting us great coverage at a time when virtualization wasn’t even on press/analyst radar screens.”

Joan Spindel
Chief Go-to-Market Strategist

“Janice and I have collaborated on several projects over the years. She is an extremely talented writer who can quickly translate key message themes, product and solution capabilities and value propositions into compelling internal and external-facing content.  She is smart, thorough, exceedingly detail-oriented and very fun to work with!  I would recommend Janice to anyone looking for a content development partner who understands the value of telling a great story.”

Pete Rawlinson
Former VP of Worldwide Marketing

“Bedsole & Company was key to re-introducing AppSense to the US market. Janice and Paula helped us craft a compelling, easy to understand message out of a rather complex technology, put us on the map in the US, and generated great coverage and analyst support. They also helped us view PR in the larger marketing picture, recommending social and interactive media programs to boost our visibility and presence.”

Brian Lynah
Co-Founder and CEO
nSuite Technologies
(acquired by Symantec)

“I hired Janice to refresh our web site, but after speaking with her for less than an hour I realized that, in order to create an effective site, we had to first revisit our positioning and review our product naming strategy. Janice possesses a unique combination of innate creativity and strong business acumen and with these traits she led us through an in-depth messaging workshop that enabled us to articulate our value in a straight-forward, compelling way.  Not only did she do great work on our messaging, branding and web site, she was equally impressive keeping us focused and on track.”

Steven Mammone

“Working with Janice didn’t feel like work. She engaged us in casual conversation that allowed us to open up and discuss our company.  Her greatest value was taking this large volume of information and separating the wheat from the chaff.  She was able to quickly produce clear, concise and consistent messaging for our web presence. Our services and approaches are complex.  Janice was able to create a balance that spoke to our technical and non-technical clients without catering to just one specific audience segment.”

Jeff Fisher
Former VP Strategy

“Janice is an incredibly gifted writer who can distill complex technical concepts into crisps messages that the IT marketplace can easily comprehend.  She is also a strategic thinker with an innate sense of the key themes to emphasize and the experience to ensure those ideas successfully reach their targets.  She’s done great work with me at RES, Softricity, Microsoft and Desktone, and I look forward to continuing our relationship well into the future.”

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