Business Communications

While most companies understand the importance of communicating to press and industry analysts, some underestimate how critical it is to have an open channel to your other key stakeholders:  employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

Employees and partners are your face to the world; they must be in alignment with what your executive and marketing teams are conveying.  Customers must feel secure in their relationship with you, confident in your products and services, and knowledgeable about your roadmap.  And, of course, shareholders need an accurate, timely picture of your business.

Bedsole & Company believes that if these audiences don’t understand your key messages and don’t have a strong sense of where your business is heading, neither will prospective customers—or influencers like press and analysts. And this will make it challenging to reach your highest potential.

Our services in this area include:

  • Employee communications (internal perception audits, vision-alignment programs, newsletters, intranets, executive emails)
  • Partner communications (newsletters, videos, web sites)
  • M&A communications (to employees, shareholders, customers, partners)
  • Investor relations

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