There are lots of things that determine whether your sales, marketing and PR are effective. One of the core ingredients, which too often companies don’t spend the time or know how to figure out, is messaging. If you don’t have clear, persuasive messages that resonate with your various audiences, differentiate you from the competition, and compel people to take action—and that your key company stakeholders are willing to adhere to–your teams won’t be nearly as effective.

We have led positioning workshops with senior management teams at dozens of companies. Using our well-tested methodology, we’ll help you articulate exactly who your company is, how your offerings are unique, why each of your audience segments should care, and how you impact the broader industry.

The end result is a comprehensive messaging framework that adroitly communicates your value in a way that differentiates your company and positions your services and products as “must haves,” and serves as the foundation of your sales and marketing initiatives.

I hired Janice to refresh our web site, but after speaking with her for less than an hour I realized, that in order to create an effective site, we had to first revisit our positioning and review our product naming strategy. Janice posses a unique combination of innate creativity and strong business acumen and with these traits she led us through an in-depth messaging workshop that enabled us to articulate our value in a straight-forward, compelling way. Not only did she do great work on our messaging, branding and web site, she was equally impressive keeping us focused and on track.

Brian Lynah
Co-founder and CEO, nSuite Technologies (acquired by Symantec)

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